Funding Secured for Heavy Vehicle Inspections


IMC has secured funding through Round 1 of the Australian Government’s Road Safety Innovation Fund. The fund is seeking to improve road safety in Australia through investing in critical innovation...

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Thermal Screening for elevated temperatures


The original article posted here has proved to be incredibly popular. It has been moved to a white paper at the first link below "EBT Detection Fundamentals".

Water Cannon Integration for Early Fire Suppression

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Water cannons are fire extinguishing nozzles that can be used to directly target a fire. In contrast to more standard sprinkler systems, which generically discharge a fire suppression agent from...

ARENA Short-term Forecasting System

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Industrial Monitoring & Control Pty Ltd (IMC), a local Newcastle company based in Carrington, has been awarded $1,247,841 of funding from Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to implement a short-term...

Waste Facilities a Hot-spot for Fires


The Australian waste industry is shifting in a more recycling focused direction, and with this new focus comes the rise of a particular type of facility: the recycling transfer station.

Continual Improvement in Waste Plant Management - 3 Key Practices

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Waste plant management is unlike any other industry. You handle materials that the rest of the world can't dispose of, you sort through, organize, and know how to manage what...

Insurance for Waste Plant Management

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Insurance plays a crucial role in the management of a waste plant. The way the plant is run is highly regulated by local authorities, but the insurer may also have...

Waste Plant Management Security: What to Consider in your Decision Making Process

Waste Plant Management Security: What to Consider in your Decision Making Process

Security plays an important role in waste management, to protect the plant, the employees, and any visitors - welcome or not.

Hidden Risks at your Waste Management Facility

banner waste management

Think there's room for improvement in risk management at your waste management facility?

Cattle-herding robot Swagbot makes debut on Australian farms.


Meet Swagbot, the newest member of Australia’s farm robot fleet...

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