Continual Improvement in Waste Plant Management - 3 Key Practices

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Waste plant management is unlike any other industry. You handle materials that the rest of the world can't dispose of, you sort through, organize, and know how to manage what others can’t easily do, and in doing so, you face all kinds of risks that others don’t have to.

That’s why the management and organisation of such plants is critical.

Have you considered how the management and organization of your plant can affect the safety of your plant, your employees, the surrounding areas, and the environment? Each of these can also affect your insurance premiums and lead to costs your business has to cover.

We’ve put together a list of ways you can continually improve the management of your waste plant.


Keep everything clean.

Cleaning has to be a regular part of managing a waste plant, but once you understand the potential hazard of a pile of dust in a waste plant, you might want to step it up a little, or reorganize your cleaning schedule.

Wet/dry industrial vacuums are great for picking up small amounts of dust, spills, and liquids, but when explosions are a risk - and they often are - something more extreme might be necessary.


Maintain your equipment, have it inspected, and design your plant well.

Depending on the materials your plant is processing, your equipment may need more or less maintenance, because it may be at more or less of a risk. Not only are regular inspections and maintenance checks necessary, but the design of your plant can be set up to improve performance.

The three most important areas here are the receiving area, the processing area, and the storage area. Minimizing transport between these three areas, especially without accurate organization and cleaning, can play a huge role in the safety of your plant! The way it moves from one area to the other is also highly relevant.


Remember that waste-to-energy isn’t foolproof.

Waste to energy systems were designed to turn waste into something useful by repurposing it. Theoretically, the idea is sound, but in practice, there are a lot of ways it could go wrong.

The best thing to do when managing your waste or repurposing it to something useful is to keep an eye on the latest practices around the world, and see how you could improve on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Looking for more ways to improve?

Check out our white paper on eight things you may not have considered in the management of your waste plant facility.

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