Water Cannon Integration for Early Fire Suppression

water cannon robot2

Water cannons are fire extinguishing nozzles that can be used to directly target a fire. In contrast to more standard sprinkler systems, which generically discharge a fire suppression agent from directly above the area of concern at a lower pressure, water cannons can discharge large volumes at a high pressure in a more targetted fashion. These systems therefore have an extended range of coverage, requiring less units to cover an entire facility.


These water cannons can be integrated with existing Early Fire Detection Systems to provide automatic activation of the fire suppression functionality, significantly improving the response rate of the system. Additional benefits of this integration include the ability to locate the area of concern and automatically target this area, increasing the accuracy of the fire suppression system to improve the outcomes. This combined system also presents the potential to douse developing hot spots in the facility before these areas develop into an established fire.


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