Waste Plant Management Security: What to Consider in your Decision Making Process

Waste Plant Management Security: What to Consider in your Decision Making Process

Security plays an important role in waste management, to protect the plant, the employees, and any visitors - welcome or not. The array of materials processed in a waste management plant pose risks not found anywhere else, so finding the right security plan isn’t always straightforward.

Have you considered the following potential hazards?

Fires & Explosions

Depending on the materials your plant processes, and whether your waste suppliers have followed all regulations, fires and explosions may be more likely. Do you have an alarm and sprinkler system designed for hazardous materials? The nature of waste management isn’t generally clean, and collections of dust and other materials may ignite quickly.


The quantity of material collected and the ability of the plant to process it in a timely manner need to balance, otherwise stockpiles can build up. Over time, depending on the time of year, and time devoted to processing vs time devoted to cleaning can lead to a higher chance of fires, explosions, mistakes, and more.

Equipment & Conveyors

Equipment in a waste management plant are designed to handle specific kinds of waste. However, their proximity to other kinds of equipment and other kinds of waste, the heat generated by the combination of machines, and the chemicals generated can increase the potential for fires and explosions in the waste plant. Conveyors, specifically, handle all kinds of waste, and need to be watched closely for things that get stuck, belts that slip, dropped materials, friction from spills, and more.

Hot Loads

A waste management plant is only as safe as the materials allowed inside of it. As each piece of equipment is designed to handle a specific kind of waste, there is always the chance that new loads will contain something that the plant isn’t equipped to handle, and that could pose a hazard. Materials can cause equipment to break down, get stuck in the system, or cause backups.

Emission Management

Generally, waste management plants have special protections to keep harmful emissions, like methane, from polluting the environment. In some cases, waste to energy systems are employed, but if these systems were to fail, there is a huge risk to the surrounding communities.

Looking for More Information?

We’ve recently published a whitepaper that delves into the depths of risks that are unique to waste management and waste management plants. Does your security plan protect you in the case of these mishaps?

Check out our whitepaper and we’ll help you determine whether you’re prepared, and if you’re aware of the new technology meant to help those in the waste management industry.

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