Vehicle Based Inspection System


IMC have developed a vehicle mount system for inspection of:

  • HV assets: Overhead line inspections
  • Stockpiles: Spontaneous combustion, Coal stockpiles, Garbage/land fill
  • Conveyors: Detection of hot/worn rollers and belt rubbing
  • Night Vision and Visibility in Dusty Conditions: Dump truck visual systems

Our modular system is capable of utilising many payloads including Thermal, Corona, Colour, Multispectral and Hyperspectral.

We have several mounting options available and we can assist in custom mounting locations.




 The operator controls the payload safely from inside the vehicle using a wireless XBox style controller with an in car HUD. Multiple screens can be supplied if more than one video feed is needed at a time.

"Workers can safely monitor plant and assets without leaving the vehicle"

The operator is able to capture images and videos of any anomalies found. The images can be saved directly to a flash drive for quick and easy data capture.

Our modular system is fully customisable and can be designed to suit your exact needs and is also available in a standard 'off-the-shelf' package.

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