Early Fire Detection System with Water Cannon Integration

water cannon robot

IMC has worked in collaboration with industry and Magnum Australia to integrate our Early Fire Detection product with high pressure water cannons. The purpose of this system is to provide an automated fire suppression response based on the data collected by the fire warning system.


The system functions by automatically moving the water cannon to target the hottest point in the area of interest. When the fire warning system indicates this hot spot is above the threshold temperature, the water cannon is already locked on the point of interest and can automatically blast the area with large quantities of fire suppressant. This serves to eliminate the fire threat before it can develop.


water cannon stand2


This system incorporates all key features of the standard fire warning system, including a web-based user interface with live image streams and alarm configurations (seen here). The unique feature introduced by water cannon integration is automated suppression of hot spots, improving the effectiveness of the fire warning system.


To enquire about a water cannon integrated fire warning system for your application, contact us today.