Luggage Conveyor Child Detection

luggage carousel

At airports worldwide there is a risk of people, especially young children, moving into the luggage conveyor system. This occurs several times each year and has the potential to cause serious injuries or security problems. Even in the best case scenario, these events can leave children traumatised.


IMC has worked to develop a safety system, based on thermal imaging technology, to monitor these conveyors and alert airport staff of the presence of people in the system. The alarm is triggered when an object with high temperature, above a pre-defined threshold value, enters an Area of Interest (AOI) in the camera's field of view. A person will trigger the alarm due to their high temperature relative to the surrounding environment. This notifies operators to assess the situation and halt the conveyor system, if necessary, before any serious safety event can take place. 


This system has been optimised by IMC's engineers to minimise false alarms, whereby operators are alerted despite no person being present in the system. However, these optimisations must be balanced with the need to ensure the best possible performance of the system when a person is present. It is for this reason operators are alerted to make the decision whether the alert was triggered by a person or an unusually hot piece of luggage.