Tank Level Monitoring

cropped tank backdrop1

Measuring the storage levels of tanks in real-time is critical to many processes. Often tank contents can be toxic and can also be corrosive or cause fouling of internal measurement equipment. An external level monitoring system can provide:

  • A more resilient level monitoring mechanism that is removed from contaminants within the storage vessel 
  • Easier access to equipment for maintenance 
  • Secondary verification or cross checks


IMC Tank Level Monitoring System

IMC has developed a tank level monitoring system based around thermal imaging technology. Different substances within the tank will often have different thermal transfer properties, meaning that the thickness of each layer within the tank can be identified. For example, the image below shows three layers for; empty tank, liquid product, sediment build up.  

tank levels

The benefits of this system include:

  • External to the tank 
  • Extremely long service intervals (10 year detector warranty)
  • Interface to most industry standard DCS protocols, such as Modbus TCP 
  • Operators can monitor the data remotely and can visually verify the results, either via images or real time video streaming 
  • It helps process optimisation through providing accurate estimates of substance levels