IMC offers a range of technical services that give clients access to our engineers' expertise developed over years in the industry.

Our services are ideal for clients requiring technical understanding, ranging from consultation and support to the design and integration of large-scale industrial solutions. We also offer options to investigate the potential of our technologies and systems to address different problems, through services including rental programs and feasibility studies.


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IMC offers system integration for all of our solutions. We recognise that every client operates in a different environment and will require a tailored interface between IMC systems and their...


IMC recognises that purchasing a thermal camera or thermal camera system is not always the best first option for our clients.


IMC is experienced at performing feasibility studies to evaluate the potential of our technologies in diverse real-world conditions.


IMC's engineers are experienced in the design and implementation of machine vision systems. These systems are diverse in their applications, and are constantly being applied to new industries - automating...

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Sophisticated camera systems are critical to the successful operation of a wide range of industries. They can provide comprehensive security coverage and allow for remote monitoring of industrial processes, providing...


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