Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging uses specialised sensors to detect electromagnetic radiation in the infrared range, which is not visible to the human eye. All objects that we encounter in everyday life emit some amount of infrared radiation. Thermal imaging cameras capture this radiation and create a picture from it. There are several key benefits over visual camera technology.

Automation Applications

IR sensors allow accurate non contact temperature readings to be made. There are countless applications in manufacturing, process control and condition monitoring. Examples include monitoring the temperature of chemical reactions, early detection of spot fires in coal stockpiles or monitoring the level of product in a storage tank from outside the tank walls.

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Security Applications

Thermal imaging enables a picture of one’s surroundings to be seen in complete darkness. This is invaluable for security applications, particularly on large mining and industrial sites with extensive boundaries and poor lighting. Combining thermal imaging with inbuilt video analytics, virtual “tripwires” can be created for perimeter detection purposes. This can provide an extremely cost effective alternative to fencing and lighting solutions.

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