Video Monitoring Systems

We offer advanced, engineered solutions for our clients’ video system needs. We offer complete turn-key solutions and can manage the system development process from project inception through to final commissioning and training.

Our intelligent video analytic solutions are world leading and our team of engineers can deliver innovative, cost efficient, tailored solutions to exceed the most demanding system requirements.

Video systems have moved beyond traditional closed circuit television (CCTV). Video is now transmitted over internet protocol (IP) data networks. While this has opened the door to almost limitless possibilities, it has also created an entirely new set of engineering challenges, particularly for critical systems in mining and industrial operations.

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Video Analytic Systems

Video analytics (VA) extract information from digital video and generate responses to that information that would otherwise be made by a human operator. VA systems typically use a heuristic approach to gain an “understanding” of a scene, for example VA systems can identify objects of interest determined by features such as colour, shape, size or direction of motion. This is very different to typical instrumentation based control systems that have decision making criteria based around strict quantitative parameters. This allows VA systems to be vastly more flexible and adaptable to minor changes in system conditions.

Because these systems interpret information in a more “human” fashion, they are often very well suited to applications currently performed visually by a human operator. If a procedureinvolves continuous visual monitoring by a human operator, it is likely that the process can be improved by the integration of some form of video analytic. VA systems reduce the manpower burden of real-time monitoring by either:

  • raising the operator intervention level, for example the VA system can alert the operator only when attention is required, allowing an operator to monitor multiple process streams simultaneously, reducing manning requirements
  • removing the need for operator control completely and allowing the operator’s time to be diverted to other tasks

Video Analytics are a growing industry and have almost countless applications for security and automation purposes. As the cost of computer processing power has reduced, VA systems have become extremely cost competitive compared to traditional automation solutions. Thermal imaging sensors can be used for VA systems to extend the systems capabilities beyond those of human operator performing a purely visual inspection.

VA technologies can be further combined with quantitative systems, such as scanning laser or ultrasonic measurement devises, to maximise the capabilities of a system via the synergistic attributes of the technologies. IMC are experts in the development and integration of VA and monitoring systems. If you have a possible application for VA technology in your business, IMC can offer an obligation free assessment and provide further information relevant to your specific industry or requirements.

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