Hot Work Alert System


Hot work includes activities such as grinding, welding, oxy cutting and other related heat or spark producing operations.  Undertaking hot work can be hazardous. There is also a residual risk after hot work is completed. Flammable materials in the area where the work has been conducted can flare up many hours after work is finished for the day. Many sites require a watcher to continue to monitor the work area for several hours following hot work. This has a cost and is often ineffective, as the workers can become distracted and not notice the earliest signs of a fire.

Portable Camera System (PCS)

IMC have developed a purpose-built solution based upon our proven 24/7 fire monitoring system. The Hot Work Alert System uses a portable thermal imaging camera and battery, along with an advanced machine vision imaging processing system to alert operators to the earliest signs of heat in the area. The system can be left unattended, reducing manning costs, and can send alerts to a control room via email or sms in the event of an alarm. A real time live video feed is available via a webpage over 4G or WiFi networks.