Long-Range Hotspot and Bushfire Warning

pano 3

IMC has adapted its fire warning system for long-range and large-area applications. Cameras with long focal length lenses (narrow-angle of view) provide improved measurement accuracy at long distances. These are combined with a Pan-Tilt Unit (PTU, pictured below) to facilitate the movement of the cameras at their mounting point, significantly increasing the area covered by each camera. This is essential for effectively covering large areas such as mine sites, stockpiles or landfills. 

IMG 1258

The system is an extension of the standard fire warning system, which shares all standard features outlined on this page. A feature unique to the pan-tilt mounted systems is the ability to generate a radiometric panorama image and track temperatures over time. For example, this may be used to trend a spot within the camera's view over several days. 


Web-Based User Interface

IMC's web-based user interface for these systems can be accessed through a web browser on any computer connected to the site network and offers all features of the standard fire warning system. These include; the ability to view live camera streams and alarms, reset or block alarms when necessary, select areas of concern in the camera FoV and view site maps with camera locations. Further to these standard features, the web UI for Pan-Tilt Unit systems also includes; user controls to move the Pan-Tilt Unit manually, options to set automatic 'Guard Tour' movements of the cameras when they are not being manually controlled, the ability to construct panoramas of any area within the Pan-Tilt Unit's range of motion and mechanisms to compare panoramas to detect changes in conditions. A sample landing page for these systems is shown below.


live ptu


Web-Based User Interface Walkthrough