VA System for Coal Wagons

coal carriage 740x350

IMC has developed a Video Analytic system for coal trains. The video below demonstrates a VA system that detects coal hang-ups in wagons at unloading stations. 

The system was implemented to reduce the number of operators required to simultaneously monitor the unloading process. A single operator is able to simultaneously monitor several unloading streams and the system can automatically alert the operator in the event of a coal hang-up. 

This particular installation required the system be integrated into a Pelco Endura 2 video monitoring interface.

Extended capabilities of the coal train VA system include:

  • Train speed – the system can monitor the speed that the train is travelling
  • Train tracking – track the progress of a train during the loading/unloading stage
  • Wagon/Locomotive ID number detection – using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology numbers from the front/top/sides of locomotives and wagons can be "read"
  • Automate loading/unloading trigger staging – further automate the loading/unloading process by providing accurate positional feedback of wagon location
  • Operational Data – Combined with thermal imaging can detect and monitor temperature data (such as wheel bearings) and record with wagon ID to allow preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Wheel slip – detect wheel slip of wagons to assist in maintenance scheduling
  • Confirmation of door open/closed – Ensure that wagon doors are correctly opened/closed during any stage of the transport stream
  • Any data generated by the system, such as ID numbers etc., can be logged to a database for maintenance and historical records or used to overlay onto real-time footage, for example show wagon ID number when looking at wagon from top down, where the ID is not visible.
  • The above system can be translated to most bulk commodity transport systems, such as iron ore or other mineral handling processes