Transfer Station and MRF Fire Detection System

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IMC have worked with the largest operators in the Australian recycling and waste industry to develop an off the shelf early fire detection solution for transfer station and MRF environments. The system is based around the latest thermal imaging camera technology. 

Thermal imaging has some great advantages. It is able to see heat build up earlier, potentially preventing fire outbreaks from occurring. It can also see through airborne dust and particulates that can impede or cause false alarms from other detector types. However, most off-the-shelf thermal imaging cameras are not suitable for fire detection applications in a transfer station environment. 


Front end loaders and other machinery have exhaust stacks that can run at several hundred degrees. These cause most thermal camera systems to false alarm. The system developed by IMC in collaboration with industry reduces these false alarms through advanced machine vision processing techniques. The system looks for things that "look like a fire", for example a hot spot that is increasing in temperature or size over time. As such, the system can be effectively interfaced with the general inputs of a fire interface panel. The system can also provide early alerts via video management systems, SMS and email, or provide coordinates for integration with directed water canons and targeted deluge systems.

The system is scalable, from remote single camera systems operating as IoT devices, through to enterprise grade >100 camera systems with fully virtualised processing servers. It is well proven in industry and we are happy to trial head to head against any other system as we are confident in the performance of the system in a transfer station and MRF environment. 


Web-Based User Interface

IMC offers a configurable web-based user interface with many convenient features, allowing operators to interact with the fire warning system through any computer connected to the site network. These features include the ability to view live camera streams and alarms, reset or block alarms when necessary, select areas of concern in the the camera FoV and view site maps with camera locations.




The success of this early fire detection system has led to a number of developments by IMC engineers. These represent additions to the capabilities outlined above to suit the needs of different clients, in different operating environments. In particular, IMC has developed:

These products extend the applications and improve the effectiveness of our early fire detection system and show our willingness and capability to tailor systems to the client specific needs.



To enquire about an early fire detection system suited to your application, or to learn more, contact us today.