Emission and Leak Monitoring

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Emission Monitoring

Unwanted emissions and leaks of various chemicals can be a significant hazard for any company. In some cases the EPA imposes restrictions on what can and can't be released into the surrounding environment. Successful early detection of unwanted emissions/leaks along with quantification of the size of leaks is critical. Whilst field sensors can detect the presence of unwanted chemicals, cameras can be utilised to detect and quantify otherwise "invisible" leaks.

IMC's Emission Detection

Detecting leaks and emissions can present a significant engineering challenge. Depending on the substance, different methods are available for gas leak detection:

  • Thermal Camera: some gasses can be seen with a standard thermal camera
  • Thermal Camera with filter optics: Specialised optics can be installed on your thermal camera to detect a number of gasses (such as petrol vapors).
  • Multispectral Camera: If a gas is known to present itself in a specific "signature" across multiple wavelengths, a multispectral camera can be utilised to detect its presence.
  • Hyperspectral Camera: If little is known about the gas that is being emitted, hyperspectral cameras provide a "brute force" approach to detection. Data captured using a hyperspectral can be analysed and used to generate a "software filter" to detect the gas. Once the filter detects at a reliable rate then a multispectral camera with a custom filter can be supplied as a final solution.

Using computer software the size and concentration of the leak can be estimated in real-time and reporting and alarms can be automatically generated.


IMC has the in house capabilities to design, produce, and install a complete emission detection system for you. Contact us to equire.